Getting Ready to Sell?
Here's what you need to know...

You are getting ready to sell your home. It was a difficult decision and whatever the reasons for the sale, they are important to you. You have a specific idea about the selling process, and your expectations may be based on previous personal experiences, or home selling stories you heard from your friends.

Before the sign goes on your lawn, there are certain things that need to be taken care of. Perhaps your family is well organized and knows how to keep their home in a tip top shape on a daily bases... if they are, where can I get a family like that?

If you are like most of us however, your home is not ready to be listed and showed right away, on the spot, right now. You need to get it ready for the pictures, the visits, the scrutiny of the buyers.

You need to remember what we are trying to achieve. We want to present your home in the best possible light. First place where the buyer will view your home is the online listing on MLS, or the Real Estate advertising in their local paper. Perfect pictures are crucial, as most people have a visual memory, they will remember your home the way they first saw it. To learn how to deal with specific areas of your home, prior to listing, visit this page.

Sometimes there are homes that need a bit more help than just a good cleaning. Sometimes it is well wroth it to upgrade the old and outdated kitchen or bathroom. When your wood flooring is quite worn out, there are affordable options to refinish them fast, dust free and with environmentally safe finishes. It there are some chipped tiles in the bathroom, the affordable tile choices can surprise you. If you are annoyed by a leaky faucet in the kitchen... it all can go away and bring a profit when you do sell.

To find out what updates or renovations are worth the money and effort if you want to sell your home, and which will give you the biggest return on investment, please follow the link to this page.

In the process of getting ready to sell, too many sellers do not take the time to notice what their home truly looks like. It is very important to step into the buyer's shoes and look around. You can go further and ask your friends to tell you what they notice, when they first walk in.

While getting ready to sell, most times we do not see how our own space can be improved. It takes a fresh perspective, a new pair of eyes.

As a Realtor coming into your home, I have just the right fresh perspective, and my eyes will notice things that yours will not.

This article is intended as advice, some of you may use it while getting ready to sell, some will not need it. Whatever your situation is, you need to remember that when I come to your home to list it, I may offer advice that will always be in your best interest. That is my duty to you as a Client. It is up to you if you use that advice to improve the chances of the favorable sale.

After all from the point of listing your home to the sale, we will work together, on the same wavelength towards the same goal. All I do and say will be to your benefit, even if at the time you do not see my reasoning.

You also need to remember, that regardless of what I may suggest, it is always up to you, to decide what you want to do and how to proceed when getting ready to sell. I'm by your side to guide you through the process, not to demand that you do things my way. And let's never forget, that any suggestions from you are always welcome.

So now that you know what's involved in the process of getting ready to sell, how to get your home ready for the "photo session" and for the showings, give me a call, I will be thrilled to sell it for you.

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I'm Always Here to Help

If you have questions about up-to-date market conditions, would like to get my Price Analysis, or simply would like to know what that home next door is listed for... I'm always available to provide that information.

Perhaps you are considering a sale, but are just not sure what would be the best way to proceed in this changing market.

Or maybe you are the First Time Buyer, excited to enter the Housing Market, and have more questions than your would like to handle on your own...

Please give me a call at 705-241-4249

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