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Open House Tips

Top Ten tips for a Successful Open House

1. Pick the right date. When planning your open house, be sure to check the calendar for major holidays and local events. Last thing you want is to have your open house scheduled on Mothers Day, City Festival date or the date of other important event. If you do, you will be disappointed.

2. Get rid of stuff! Be sure to clear out all unnecessary items from your home. Less is more. Don't just hide the clutter, get rid of it altogether. 

Visit, you will LOVE me for it! Donate as much as you can to charity and if there are still items that make the house look clattered, rent a storage unit or storage container like CubeIt and get rid of clutter.

3. Create a specious feel in your home.Move furniture around to create space and direct traffic and attention of your potential buyers to where you want it.

4. Clean and Fresh is the way to go. When showing your home, every space must be spotless and clean. If you do not have time for major cleaning session, consider hireling a cleaning service. Once they do the heavy cleanup, it will be much easier to keep the house fresh and clean.

5. Take a look at your walls. Not everyone will love your dusty rose and hunter green. They are so 15-years-ago! Even the yummy chocolate brown has to go. Yes, I know you just painted that room, but you need light & airy when selling not dark & gloomy. Trust me!

6. Create a welcoming feeling before they get to your front door. That front door that you never use... there are spiderwebs there (I'm not gonna tell anyone, don't worry. Just get rid of them!) Tidy up, get rid of those tired looking plants and replace them with freshly planted ones. Done!

7.Promote your Open House anywhere you can! Your Realtor should place the announcement on your local RE Board, on, on, on their website and in the newspaper. They should also sent invitations to your entire neighborhood (our last mailing consisted of 748 postcards). I know, some of those neighbors have been dying to see your new furniture and those tiles in the kitchen, but some of them may know someone who is just waiting to move into your area. Be sure to place big signs on all the streets leading to your home. If you are not working with a Realtor and are selling on your own, find a Realtor (like me) who will offer to place your Open House information on her website! Remember, the more exposure, the better chance of success. open house tips

8.Put away or even remove from your home all the valuables that can be stolen. Take a note of the placement of items that are remain in the house. Store away and lock all the firearms.Open House Tips

9. If you do not have a Realtor, ask a trusted friend to hold the Open House for you. Do not do it yourself. You are too emotionally involved with the property, you may say a wrong thing or disclose too much. That may hurt your chances of a smooth sale. Make sure to provide a Open House Registry for the visitors and ask your Realtor or Friend to request the sign up from all entering the house. Understand, that people will be reluctant to leave you their true phone number. To make sure they do, offer a draw for a price. open house tips

10. Remove yourself, your family and your pets from the house and your cars from the driveway prior to the Open House. Do not wait at the end of the street. Go have some fun in the park, go to a movie. Relax! open house tips

Contact me for more open house tips and advice. Be sure to check out the page where you can submit your Open House listing, to be featured on this top rated website. (Just Google: *Barrie Open House*)

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